Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just Another Victim

Got a little work done on the Wraithknight, glued together his legs and his victim, one of those Cron Spider things. I have been cleaning the seams on the WKs legs and there is still a little more to do to make them completely clean. I will also have to Green Stuff the pivot of his right leg. I wanted the pose to be a little lower but it really wasn't looking to good so I brought him up a little bit. Still his leg is kicked out more then normal and is mainly being held by the pin I added do to the angle. I'll GS the joint some and secure it a bit. With that done I now have an idea where the dead Cron will be and I can start to finish up the base which needs to be done before I can move on to him. Well, doesn't have to be but makes it easier so there isn't any over spray onto anything else.

While planning out the base I was thinking the spider thing should be upside down with it's legs all curled up and while that sounds good it wasn't really looking as cool as the carapace up. So now I'll be cutting and chopping some bits of the spider to make him look worse for wear.
All the spider parts are primed and are ready to be added on. I'll be using some more wiring like I did on the first WK but I'm also thinking I'm going to add some water effects to represent the leaking lifeblood of the thing. This is the first bit of time I've had to work on anything hobby related over the past few weeks so was nice to get back out there haha.. Work is hectic at the moment as well as all the Holiday Prep.. hopefully this weekend I can sneak a few more hours in on the base.

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