Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dead man walking ..

 Here are the finished pictures of the Dusk Wolves I've been working on last night I just added the snow to their bases. I think they came out looking good, I always see defects when I go back but i'm pretty happy with their level of dirtiness and badassery. 8)

These are the two guys that count as "Mark of the Wolfen", I still haven't figured out what I'm going to call the Mark for the Dusk Wolves. Mark of Vengeance is leading the way but I don't know if that is too on the nose so trying to go deeper for them. But I wanted them to stand out and I think the gore will do just that. When they encounter a traitor it is all but impossible to stop them from ending it's worthless existence. Formerly World Eaters, they still suffer some of the effects of the enhancement drugs their Primarch introduced them to.

Here we have the hard hitters, special weapon teams ready to turn the enemy armor in to slag. I went with extra soot on the melta's, wanting it to show they have been busy at their jobs.. melting down anything that rolls up on them!

Some of the pictures are a bit dark and I'm still trying to see why that is, I increased the exposer on a few of the extra dark one. But here is a couple of group shots of the guys.

Figured I'd mix them into some terrain to really have them look the part. I also took a pic of them in the cabinet, hopefully I'll be getting that newer case so I can fit everything in it's own place !

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