Friday, December 27, 2013

Are you too good for your home?

It's not completely setup but I relocated my Miniatures again haha..  I really like the all glass display case but it wasn't holding enough and I didn't have the time to make it hold more. I mentioned before my parents were moving and in doing so they didn't need this case anymore. It's much larger and has glass shelves and doors which is close to the all glass. It does block some of the mini's when the doors are closed but it is what it is.
I still like it and can arrange them in a nice way so they also look pretty cool. I still have some more to get in there but I'm working on a cool layout. I might build up a few Eldary looking platforms to organized them in there. But overall I think it looks pretty good since I didn't have a ton of time to set them up and the case was free so bonus. It wasn't all that much either way, and was originally purchased from IKEA.

Here are some of the shelves closer up.

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