Friday, December 13, 2013

From the Sky..

After talking about the Swooping Hawks yesterday I dug around in my box to find out how many I actually have. Alot, I have alot haha.. I have 18 unpainted or in need of stripping (the 2 dark blue on the left) and I have 8 more built and painted .. 1 is the converted hawk I posted yesterday
Another is an Exarch I painted up awhile back

He could use a little updating but overall he's ok. And I have 6 that look roughly like this guy
Back when my pallet was quite limited, so now how do I want to handle them? They will probably all be updated to look like the brighter blue with the rainbow wings. There was a snipit from one of the Codexs (the 2nd Ed version I think) that talking about the Hawks wings moving so fast they gave off a rainbow shimmer. That stuck with me and I started moving that way for their wings back in the day. I like it but I also would like to try something a little different. I'll probably stick with it though. I'm not changing the old models .. well the old old ones I am but not the other two.

The other ones I bought to make the converted wings, typically I need two sets to make one. It's a pain to make them cutting and trimming the metal wings so the molding process might be the way to go and think I'll give that a shot. We'll see how it goes haha

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