Monday, December 30, 2013

Theres got to be some order..

With the holidays passing by and getting some new goodies this weekend I have been trying to organize my painting areas and just clean up in general. I'm pretty OCD so a messy area starts to bug me deep down and I can't work normally haha.. I've basically just moved everything into it's new home and there will be another session of complete re organization that will be performed. I'm pretty happy with the setup now though, the new display case gives me room and I spread out my spray area and painting table so now I won't be as crowded.

But now on to some of the fun bits.. I got a good bit of hobby stuff for Christmas..

First off was my new Robart mini paint shaker. It was on sale and so I asked for it for Xmoose. So far it seems pretty cool, I got it mainly for the leaf paints and some air brush colors but it will be nice to have some of my painting completely mixed. I will need to pick up some ball bearings though. I seams to work well but I'm worried it won't last too long, the motor seems ok but that is a lot of stress on it. I'll post on it in a month or so when I get a better idea of how it's doing long term.

 I got a case of bottles, never seems like I have enough and will be nice not have to flip back and forth as much with the tops.
 I also scored the Comm Art colors I had sitting in my wish list. It may not look like much but that's a $100 in paint haha..  The Comm Art is worth it to me though and will last me a very long time.
 And I got a bunch of other tools.
New Files - they are nice but wow they are bigger then I thought they were going to be. Oh well, a bigger set it's so bad. Buildings will not be quick work.
Stainless Steel Tweezer set - No more battling with magnets, non magnetic for the win!
Sprue Cutting Tweezers - um ... that's what they are alright
Mini Drill Chuck - Allows you to use ultra bits in a standard drill.
And metal bending plyers - I have a few ideas I want to try and I'll need these (not pictured but I also got some metal pipes for bending)
I got a lot of cool toys, now I just have to get the room all ready and get back to using them!

Another update on the room, the work light I bought I mounted yesterday. I took off the base on the light and then built two sections with sliders so the light can  be slid in and out without issue. It's about 1000% brighter then it was so I'm pretty happy. Now I'm excited to test it out and see what I can see.

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