Monday, December 9, 2013

Playing Catch Up

So I was looking back over some of the statistics from the blog over it's life and never really checked to see what post had the most traffic or whatnot. I was pretty amazed at the outcome, not at what was on top or that it was mostly my How To posts. That makes sense, they are the things people will check out more then once or a search might bring them here. But I was surprised at the difference in numbers haha.. the winner is my How to Paint Blood Angels (red) .. And I don't mean by a small amount. It has more then all the top 5 combined, easily over 100 times more! Which is pretty cool, I guess it is helpful. So in honor to the winning post I'm just going to post up some Blood Angel Miniatures I've painted..

With the Holidays in full ramp up getting to the painting table is going to be rough. I expect posting will be a little more sporadic over the next couple of weeks. The kiddos win out 8) .. I did squeeze in some gaming time though, Evan (FTGT) will be up in DC for work so we are going to meet up this Wednesday to get a game in. He's been talking smack to me for far too long and I need to deal with him hahahaah... Just Kidding, 8)  He's bringing his bugs so I'll just be running my Dar. He can get some practice in for his Tourney and I can get a game in. We didn't get to play at Nova so should be cool to throw down. I haven't played against Bugs in ages so will be a cool.

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