Monday, December 16, 2013

The Great Wheel

Today I figured I'd go over a tool that is highly useful but very few people I know use it. The good old low tech color wheel. I ordered this one from Dick Blick years ago for a couple of dollars and while I don't use it all the time it's a nice reference to have.

Are you starting up an army and are thinking about the color combos you want to go with? The wheel is your friend. Right now I'm thinking of what colors to paint my Aleph models so I broke out the color wheel to go over what colors would compliment what other colors. If you don't feel like painting a model over and over again the color wheel can be a great help. It will give you a good idea what multiple colors will look like together. I had a smaller one back in the day for drawling but ordered a really nice one to match up some colors while painting. They aren't expensive and are worth having, even if it sits in a drawer for months. I always pull it out when I'm painting something new, I like knowing what I'm going to get before I even put brush to model.

So my recommendation is to get one..  they really can help.

Here is a --> link <-- on using the color wheel. It's not based off modeling, but the idea is all the same.

Hopefully I have some new stuff for tomorrow, it was another busy weekend past so very little got done.

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