Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Its all a jumble..

I'm home sick today, I've been feeling pretty rough for the last few days. This weekend was a busy one and I was in and out of the cold a lot. I was planning on posting this yesterday but I didn't have the energy to even post it. haha.. so I figured I'd do it now before the Nyquil kicks back in and I crawl back under the covers.

I was looking at all my armies and models and realized I have a ton. Every now and then I'll notice justhow much stuff I really have. It's not surprising as I've been playing/collecting for 20+ years. I've been thinking about getting rid of some stuff, I have too much but every time I start to think of what I'll let go I pull them all to me in a weird hoarder like fashion. Why is it so hard to get rid of things you never use?

Armies - (I'll be getting a new display case soon, I was going to try and mod it but don't think it's really worth it)

Eldar - It would never be them, they are my main and are my favorite by far so they are never even in the thought process.
Blood Angels - They are my second fav and I really enjoy painting them. Their history is also very cool to me.
Dusk Wolves - This is something I made up and I have put a lot of thought into them so that also makes them a Fav..
Space Marines - I have extra SM stuff that I was just going to paint up as a Codex Chapter. This would make sense to let go but I could use them for either BA or DW. Plus I'd like to make up one.
Guard - This army is the closest I've come to letting go as I don't really play it. I have a TON of tanks though and I also bought a bunch of Forgeworld Death Korps. I really like the way the models look and they match up with the Steel Legion guys I already have. I also have a cool thing I want to do on a Vendetta and that makes it really tough.
Orks - This is the least built and an army I never thought I'd get into but their goofiness grows on you and I have a good bit of them in bit boxes or still on the sprue. There is a lot of room for conversion scrapyard style you can do and that is pretty cool.

And now I'm making up an Infinity army, haha but that is the way it just seems to be. Most of my friends that play are exactly the same way. Their main armies aren't fully painted or even finished but they want more miniatures. People always call it a "Plastic Crack" addiction and it is pretty true. It's nerdy but once it gets into your blood you just can't help yourself. I have all that stuff yet I still want more, to an unhealthy level. I have plans within plans of what ideas I want to make. Sadly my free time is a lot less these days so I don't have the ability to follow through with all of them. I think about it but never can make myself stop haha,..  we all have out crosses to bare I suppose 8)

Oh and I picked up this model the other day...
You know, because I needed it ... 8)

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