Friday, December 6, 2013

Excitement in the air...

I was hoping to get more of the second Wraithknight but my daughter was fighting going to sleep. I later found out it was because her stomach was upset .. which lead to a long night. But.. I did work on the base for the WK and 2x WL bases. Here they are after the spackle is dry, I then sanded them and got them ready for primer. This WK will have a Cron Spider thing on his base, well, what's left of it 8)

It looks like Sean (from and I will be teaming up for a Tourney coming up Dec 28th at a local gaming store ( Titan Games ). It's holiday themed so we are going to make up a couple of holiday models, he's going to make a Kroot hiding in a Christmas Tree and I'm going to try to make an Eldar Toy Maker of some kind ,.. no idea how I'm going to pull that off haha.. but the Touney sounds pretty cool. 1500pts per person so the games might be longish .. 3K a side is a lot of stuff. It should also be another opportunity to brake out the display board. I'm going to finish up the gems and frame out the base, I also might add some small Xmas lights haha

I'm going to focus on troop killing I think since I have a lot more rate of fire weapons, his big guys should be able to punch some holes in armor and with me guiding him even better!

I did get some pictures of the Make it Bake it stuff I made up.. I don't know why but I still get a kick out of these things.
Have a good weekend all..

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