Thursday, May 31, 2012

Turn the Nob..

A little more work some Orks.. not much really but time being what it is .. and I've been sucked into Diablo III so when I'm tired I haven't walked into the painting room. A little break here and there is nice and especially before I start a new project. Like I was saying I want these guys to be painted quick. So I'm just playing with what I like and how I can keep cranking them out. I was playing with some washes on him and colors. I'm going to be giving them mis matched boots and bands here and there.. I figure Orks put on whatever is close at hand.. and being Metro isn't really a concern.
Pants before
I also got a little paint on a Deff Kopta . I dry brushed the whole thing with Boltgun and I"m going to go over areas with multiple metal shades. I figure the more piece meal the better 8)

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