Thursday, May 3, 2012

Black Reaching ..

I ordered the Black Reach boxset a couple of days ago. I wanted to order it before 6th came and it went away. I want the marines for the Crimson Fists I've been planning on building and the Orks for Kill Teams. I'm going to make up some rules for the Kill Teams to have ambushers, Orks and the Nids I have from the Space Hulk game. But now I'm going to trade some old Chaos minis for another set of Black Reach Orks making for a sizable amount. So I ordered a Trukk and some bikes to round out a small force. I may pick up a few more things to round out the Orks even more but it should be cool to have something else to screw around with. So more minis to paint haha.. good to mix it up.

Nothing to post progress wise .. I only had about an hour last night so I just did some touch up details trying to get the DW Vehicles done.

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