Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bitter Enemies

I started working a little on the Orks I got from the Black Reach and trade from Sean. I'm thinking these guys will be some easy painting. At least some what. I want to work on speeding up my painting so the standard Orks are going to be quickly painted.. by my standards at least. This guy is a test and so far only green and brown with a wash. Oh and some Boltgun, I'm going to try to knock these dudes out quickish .. just to see how fast is fast for me while keeping him looking good.

I'm also getting a Crimson Fist army together (slowly) so I built his LAS arm and filed them down. I had an old metal Furiso I bought and don't plan to use him as such. Now he'll end up being a rifle dread for the Fists.

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