Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I can breathe!

Artograph 1520 Product Review

I purchased the spray booth a couple of weeks ago to help with paint and glue fumes. It seems that over the past few years glue has been increasingly devastating to me. If I use Super or Plastic glue for more then 5 mins I get sick, I guess it's part of getting older who knows. I do know it sucks so I had to do something because it was killing me. So I purchased this spray booth.

I got it off Amazon for about $250 dollars on sale and so far I'm really happy with it. It comes with multiple filters and they are easy to replace. They are pretty much just standard house return filters which can be bought at a hardware store if you don't want to buy the replacements. There is also the thin layer of a paper like filter which is more of a surface to spray on to protect the main filter. The hood is made of cardboard which sounds a little cheap (my wife thought so at least haha) but for the price it's ok and it makes it easy to break down if you need to. The booth has very good suction and pulls from below, venting in the rear. The vent is 4" and will take a standard vent hose (dryer hose) so it can be routed.

I bought a 4" dryer kit and cut a piece of Masonite to mount in the window when I'm using the booth. The kit I bought has quick release attachments so I can just pull them apart without the use of clamps and then attach them again when needed. Was a pretty quick setup and only cost about $20 at Home Depot.

I've used the booth on numerous occasions in the last few weeks. From glue to air brush and I'd have to say I'm completely impressed. If you keep the glue in the booth you don't even smell it. I glued together 5 Dusk Wolves, an Ork, a DeffKoptor and some metal bits. I didn't smell anything and I haven't had any ill effects. With the air brush you might get a whiff of the smell here and there but that was typically the way I was spraying. Either way none of the spray itself got out. As of right now I'm completely happy with the purchase and would recommend it in a heartbeat. If you can't stand the smell of glue and paint or are just tired of over spray you might want to think about picking one of these up. The only slight downside I'd say is it doesn't have a light so you'll have to rig something up. Right now I just drop a light over the top and it works great.

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