Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Torgaddon's Whip..

My Dusk Wolves are based off the loyalists of the traitor legions of the Istivan III battle and I'll be using Brant Torgaddon as the armies leader. In the fluff I'm making up the gene-seed from heroes of yore is pasted along and their gene materials have kept the memories of those dark days and beyond. Keeping the Wolves hungry for vengeance against those that betrayed them and the Emperor.

I got some more work done on the Land Raider Redeemer which will be Torg's ride. I added the icon to the side and started on the numbers (which still need some more work) and got a little more weathering done. It's pretty close now.. I have a bunch of stuff that is coming up to being done. I guess that is the one thing that's good about jumping all over. A lot of stuff finishes up together. 8)

It's not finished yet but it has taken the field a couple of times now. The latest being last Friday where it delivered Torg and his Squad (counts as Ragnar and a Squad of Grey Hunters w/ Mark, Standard and a PF) into CC range where they brought Vengeance to the traitors. Killing Fabious Bile with a Squad of Possessed, with stood a round of plasma and melta shots, then were charged by a squad of Bezerkers, after whipping them out then taking fire from melta, thousand sons and plague marines. At that point only Torg was alive but then he charged into the Thousand Son squad and destroyed them.He did make 8 out of 9 Inv saves and thankfully all the str 8 saves.  I plan on using the counts as Ragnar in all my builds, it fits my fluff for them. And he is a beast, I know he's not used much as he is expensive but for fun and story he's awesome. Plus, if he gets into CC he rips faces. I think Torg w/ Squad's kill total was about 26, including Bile and his enhanced possessed squad. Very nice for one squad.

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