Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time to get dirty..

Another Rhino/Razorback getting ready for the field. I haven't applied any weathering powders to the tank yet this is all the prep work before I apply it. I still need to finish up the Storm Bolter and the Metallics on the tank then it will be powder time. The turret is going to be painted black on the armour bits so I can swap out the LAS/Plas for which ever chapter I'm playing that day. I think it will look find and will save on the cost of getting multiple turrets for each different army.

Just some blending of White, Umber and Black on the tank. I also dry brushed some of the metal areas with Boltgun and added some paint wear. I'll be finishing up the lights, metals and guns then moving on the powder for the finishing touches.

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