Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'll swallow your soul...

I mentioned before I was going to paint up some Nids and Orks for Kill Teams so I broke out my Space Hulk Nids and got to painting the Broodlord. The models in Space Hulk have a good bit of detail and thankfully the Broodlord looks much cooler then the arms raised normal model (to me at least). I went with a more old school look for him rocking the purple but went with red instead of the blue accents. So far he's probably half way done but needs a good bit more detail and blending. Thankfully he is coming along and I'm liking the look of him. The one down side to the Space Hulk mini's is the sculpt is a little weird in some spots. So I'm going to make those areas and others look like gore to give it some added creep factor. I'll also be adding some to the base to make it look right .. 

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