Thursday, May 10, 2012

I just died in your arms tonight..

Last night I finished up the last two guys of the DC squad and took a few group pictures.. also realized some are still a bit more shiny then I'd like. I'll have to clear them with Matte to bring down the sheen and get them to all match. I'm really happy with the outcome, they have the look I was going for and look pretty brutal. At least to me I suppose. I used a bunch of kits for these guys and I think it game them a pretty diverse look.. I wanted each guy to be in his own little hell and to smash boom bam with whatever his weapon of choice would be. I've kitted them out how they'll be played.

Dual blades for getting in close and chomping fools down. BA DC shoulders and helm, Berzerker Legs, Standard Chest, DA BP, Sang Guard Sword and a GK Halberd blade chopped to a short sword.

Chainsword and Tricked out Bolter..  FW Bolter, Berzerker chainsword and chest, DC Legs, helm and shoulder pad, BA metal pad and old school SM BP

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