Friday, May 11, 2012

The sum of my parts..

A bit more work on my Eldar conversions. The Farseer is coming along nicely and is mostly built. I unfortunately didn't completely clean the Vaseline off the green stuff so some of the primer crazed. No biggy though, there are still some areas I'm going to work with to get  him looking 100% .. I'll strip those sections and reprime.

Bits so far:
High Elf Mage Body
Rune Armour from Eldrad
Farseer Helm
Banshee left arm and pistol
Jain Zar's spearhead

Jain Zar
She is also almost finished being built. There are still little sections of her that need more green stuff work. I think she's looking pretty good so far, though she doesn't really stand out haha..  I've put a ton of work and time into her even if she doesn't scream WOW look at me ..

Bits so far:
Banshee body
Jain Zar left shoulder guard
Jain Zar Triskele (The Silent Death)
Lelith Hesperax head
Succubus left forearm and spear
Lemartes Base


  1. Thanks homie .. I need to start putting some time in on these guys .. I'm running out of time 8)