Monday, June 11, 2012

Working in the Coal Mine ..

I haven't had much time lately to paint.. I've been working on construction projects that the wife wants done before out second kid gets here. This weekend a lot of the materials were delivered and had to be stored until they are ready for use .. then I finished up a few lighting replacements I have been planning then ripped a huge hole in my wall. My wife wants a pass though / counter top area installed so I worked on that most of the weekend. Each night I had plans to try to get some painting done but my arms were so tired they didn't even want to pick up a brush. I was exhausted haha..

I did place an order before GW up'd their prices. I have 2 RZRbacks, a Pred, a Trukk and some Kans coming. Who knows when I'll have the time to paint them but I'll at least have them at the ready and won't have to pay the gouged prices..


  1. Looks like quite the project! It's fun to work on some macro-scale construction between putting together tiny plastic models. Good call on placing an order before the price hike!

  2. Wouldn't be that bad if it was the only one but I have a fence next and then rebuilding out breezeway that is going to be a playroom. I'm plotting a sneaky plan to hide in my painting room and being very very quite!