Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ok,.. who didn't clean up?

I don't know if it looks too exciting at the moment but I added a lot more debris.. there is trash all over the ground now. As I sat there looking at it I didn't feel it had the right about of garage littered about. So I chopped up a bunch more, I'm also going to make fliers that will be posted on the walls and crumpled up on the ground (damn liter bugs). I put some paint on the drum but it's only two colors at the moment. The garbage will be hand primed and then metalliced up.

The assorted junk before attachment..

The wall project is almost done.. I need to mud and paint but I'm also going to be doing work in the Kitchen so I may wait to do it all. I also have to put my table saw together and cut the counter top. Then it will be stained and lacquered which will probably be a week process at night. This weekend I start putting up the fence. Yay me..

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