Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whoa.. someone needs a shower

 The rest of the posse all dirtied up. I got the rest of the guys all oiled up .. whoa that doesn't sound good! haha... but anyway. I worked on getting all of the oil work done on the mostly Dev guys I've been working on and they are pretty much ready to move onto detail and clean up. Again I went pretty heavy on them making them really look like they've been in the middle of it bringing some pain to the traitor. I also texture based the guys that were missing it, they are getting close to finished and it shouldn't take too much longer.

I really need to get some BPs done for the Dusk Wolves haha.. I was going to use the old style JPs but I think I'm going to magnet them up so they can be either. I'll also probably paint the JPs metallic so I can swap out some Blood Angels as well 8)
 He Needs some more details on the Axe and I'll be adding in some blood spatter as well..

 Walks up, throws his combat blade in the ground. Never know if you'll be in CC and need that quick draw..  When I was making these guys up I was thinking about what a veteran might really do.

 The Sarge really needs some BP love. I'm not sure how I want to paint it haha..

 Most of the Dev's will get a lot more details added to their weapons. I want to add other metals in to mix it up. I want their armor to look mucked up but they would take good care of their weapons.

 The Las Rear section is also something I'm thinking on. I'd like to make it look like an energy chamber of some sort.

 Dakka Dakka ..

 Another Dev ready for CC if it comes to that ..
I'm really liking these new guys and they are making me want to go back and touch up some of the other DW things haha.. Mainly the Land Raider that is almost complete. I think I'm going to clear that and start getting it all mucked up as well. Overall a very big departure from how I paint my Eldar and I think that really mixes it up for me. Nice to have a change here and there so it doesn't getting old..

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