Monday, January 13, 2014

There will be Blood..

This guy is almost complete, just needs a little clean up, details and finish off the base work. He's been a slow guy to get done. I don't really know why but figured it's time to let him move on haha...
It was a long week and I wasn't online very much. I came out to the painting table and just picked him up and some reds and sat their mindlessly blending layers. I put on a good bit and must have been in the zone but he was pretty well blended. I worked on some of the metals and gems, touched up the wings and hit the lens .. He needs a little on the cloth and some .. well I'll be touching up all the white shades really but it won't take long and then add some other colors to the base to make it look less monotone.

I want to get some of the Infinity models done as well as a few other loose ends but who knows. I really have just been grabbing stuff and going from there. I want to get that second Wraithknight done but I'll need some longer sit down time.

Last week our Furnace went boom.. I was getting pretty worried as I didn't want to drop thousands to get it fixed. Thankfully my friend does HVAC and he took a look and said it was just the blower motor. Picked one up and replaced it and now the heat is back on! It was definitely a pain for him though has my furnace is in the crawlspace and there isn't much room. I'm pretty sure I heard him cussing me out down there but hey what are friends for! Came to $300 and I was quite happy with that haha..

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