Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bravo two watch our six

 Last night I finally got around to applying the black wash to the Infinity models, The oil wash is the way to go for the size and detail of the Infinity models, there's a lot of detail on the models and it makes it an easy affair to get in there and shade. Right now I haven't done any highlighting or detailing so its just the base colors and wash. I'll be adding highlights next and I still need to apply some texture paint to the bases of most of them. But they are coming along and looking pretty cool, so far I'm pretty happy with the color scheme but I may add a lighter blue to the Aleph models or maybe even some white. Sadly I misplaced the back shot of the Aeph peeps, I think I may have deleted the wrong picture haha..
 The Mercs are also almost done. I'll have to go in and detail them as well but closer. I now have a pretty good idea of the colors for both part which is what I wanted to figure out before I started on the chick on the bike. Once I get all of these done I'll start on the bike and that will be all of the Infinity models I have haha, I think I'm going to pick up a box with the Netrods in it for more orders, down the road though. So far I've only played the game once  8)

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