Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looks like you sprung a leak..

The Wraithknight's base is getting pretty close to being done. I poured the Cron Juice last night and I think it came out looking pretty cool. I think it has also pushed me to go back to the higher gloss look for the spider. The water effect is ultra gloss and really stands out, which is cool but I don't want it to overshadow the rest of the base. As I was sitting there looking at the base the Cron Anti Freeze I made was gabbing all my attention. Maybe it's just that it's the newest part of it and that I was worried about how it was going to look but the high sheen really grabs my attention.

For the Cron Anti Freeze I used:

The GW Water Effects
Green Ink
Yellow Ink
(You don't need much ink, just a drop or two)

I mixed them all together and then used the baby oral syringe to apply the larger "pools". I'd apply it to the area that I figured would be gushing the material out and let it drip down. I'd then rotate and turn the base to let it move and flow to settle.
Next I used the stir and dabbed certain areas (namely the model and wires) that I figured would have less material on it.
After it dried I applied trans green to certain sections to vary the color a little more, the Trans Green is a bit darker.
Next I mixed up some Water Effects and black ink to make some "Black Blood of the Earth" or oil if you aren't familiar with Egg Chen 8) I applied that the same way and even laid out a few small drops to make it looks like it was leaking as it was crashing to the ground.
I put a good bit of thought into it, I hope it translates.

I also added on the broken limb and some of the sheen back to the leg knuckle joints as I wanted that to have a greasy look either way. I think I'll go back in tonight and give it another coat of the Smoke Trans, from there it's really close to done. I need to go in and add some bits of grass and I was thinking I should put a little more shrapnel here and there. I'm not totally sure on that that though. I don't want the base to be too noisy.

The base really didn't take much time to pour but it does to dry so as it was going about it's drying business I started to cut in with black on the Dusk Wolves I had started to blend. Talk about boring haha.. I was mindlessly painting black on pretty much everything you see in this picture. I'd then check on the base and do a little more and then go back to black. Whoot.. but they are getting closer to clear and then washes.. so a win I suppose..

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