Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Model

Here Is a rough design for the new display board I want to build. I mentioned it was bigger and it will be haha.. It will be two stories and have a set of stairs on either side that will be a tough one as I want the wall and steps to be curved. If I can pull it off I think it will look pretty awesome. It will have one large vane like before but the other two will be only slightly smaller then the main vane with teleportation like circles under each.

Like the first design I wanted to model it off existing Eldar designs so went with the Grav Platform and sections from the Fire Prism/ Warp Hunter. GW usually keeps the same design style running though a race/army and I want it to match up with that design style. It will keep the same Wraithbone look I used as well, I think it really looks good in larger scale. I'll also try to add some runes and designs into sections to make it look more detailed. I figure I'll break out the wood burner and see if I can make it look like what I have imagined. I also want to add in some spirit stone looking pieces and more lights. Not sure what I want to have under it this time though. Should I stay with trees or go with grass or even a water effect. The water effect might be cool but that would make it crazy heavy and be a huge pain for something so large. That part is still up in the air.

It will be a pretty large project but it should be fun. I really liked making the first one and since I'm now giving myself more time this one should be more detailed and cooler then the first. The extra time will also let me experiment with some things and if I don't like it I can try something else. The last time I had to go with whatever I had because there was no time to change my mind! 8)

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