Monday, January 6, 2014

Undying? I think not..

This weekend I got a little more work done the on Wraithknight's base. I got some of the other metal colors painted on and started to glue it together. I wanted it to look like it had been ripped apart and will be in three sections. I also started to drill out some sections to include frayed wires to show where the thing was torn asunder.
 You really can't see the drilled area but it's on the rear carapace and on the neck section (that you can see a little spec of the drilled area). For the leg section I wanted it to look like it's right side had collapsed and was only partially being held up by it's right. I'll paint up some of the under appendages and place them on the bases before I pour some of the water effect.
 AS for the paint I used some Rust Metallic s and then highlighted some sections with steel. I will be breaking up some of the other sections with more colors to make it look less monotone. When I had the color looking right I coated the entire model with Tamiya Smoke. It will give metallic colors a very "wet" look and to me metals need that sheen to look right. Usually I wait till after I clear the model and then go over it but I wanted to know how it was going to look. After I clear it I'll probably go back over some of the sections at least. Adding the smoke to the joints will give it that oily well lubricated look.
I also mixed up a test batch of water effect I want to use as Cron Blood. I added a little too much green I think and in the final batch I'll only add in half as much. Used Green, Indian Yellow and Yellow inks to color it. This will definitely have to wait till the end.. I don't want to lose the water effect.

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