Friday, January 31, 2014

Raging Storm

 Last night I pretty much finished up the Emperor's Guard in Terminator Armor. I added the snow to really make him look like he was marching along in it. I feel it really came out looking good! I had a bunch of other ideas I could add but I ended up thinking ok he's good enough... but last night as I sat there I was thinking maybe I should go that bit farther and make him one of the guys I enter into the Nova painting contest. We'll see, either way I think he came out the way I wanted.
 He has the look of being out in the weather and taking care of business!.. I may add a little more snow on him but I wanted to sit back and really think about it. No rush so don't want to do something and hate it haha...

 I really wanted him to look wind swept and I think this is my favorite angle for him , it really gives the look of a guy trudging through the snow. I didn't want it to be too much but figured the wind would blow most of the snow off, the recesses being the place where it would stick. I needed to show it on him a little so it didn't just stand out and look crazy but didn't want to go overboard.
I will probably only use the full on snow treatment on him, I don't think they will all need it. Just looks cool and to me adding more realism.

Below is basically him from start to finish. I started him a good while ago.. nice to have to all finished up .. Amble on my brother..

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