Friday, January 17, 2014

Grumbling, Rumbling n Tumbling

 Last night was another grab it and go night. I wanted to finish up the base for the Wraithknight but again it was going to be do a little, let it dry and then do a little more. I needed to spray some grey so I scooped up the DC Rhino I had built. I hadn't touched the tank in awhile but really wanted to get some paint on it. I had to suffer from poor GW Plastic glue though, as I picked up the Rhino all the little added bits just started popping off. This was one of the last models I used their plastic glue on and I had forgotten how bad it was at the end..  It was also the last model I used a spray can to prime, sadly I can see a little rough texture here and there.
 I wanted it to have a warn look so I faded in some greys here and there, next I'll be going back in and adding damage to it. I know some people will say it's not metal(cerimite or what not) and wouldn't rust but it just looks too cool not to add that in there haha..
Just a little red added in as well, I was running out of time and I was starting to get tired..
 The main reason I sprayed grey was to get the Dusk Wolf cloak done. Well the grey is mostly done now. I'll go back in with the brush and I also have to finish the fur.
Like I was mentioning yesterday I decided to go back to the metal sheen. I liked the idea of the matte metal look but it made it look like it had been there for a long time and that isn't what I want to convey. It should look like a fresh kill. I brushed it with Trans Smoke to give it that wet metal look.

 I also added on a little grass, not too much just some bits of it here and there. Other then the base rim it's done. Now I just have to get the Wraithknight done ..

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