Tuesday, January 7, 2014

High Stepping

 I got the Spider positioned and glued to the base so he's now in his final location. I also applied some battle damage to areas of the Spider and added in the frayed cables. I haven't laid down any of the shrapnel or broken bits yet though..
 Here you can see the cables that are running from the main body and rear carapace and from the head section. I scarred up the carapace and the body section a bit, clipped some of the spines and filed in some damage lines. I went in with some brass, boltgun and then a light wash of the bronze again so it wasn't too stand out. I doubt the Crons would paint themselves so the metal is probably that color through out and I just wanted it to have a lighter look where it was damaged and scraped off.

A few more pictures at different angles, I'm really happy with it so far and when it's done it should be a pretty awesome looking base (to me at least haha). I'll still scrape up the base a little and I'll be using some weathering powders to give it a very real feel. After that I'll be clearing it and then applying the water effects. I was also thinking I'm going to mix in some black with the green, they probably still have lube besides their life juice. I'd think.. I'll do a quick test but I'm pretty confident it will look good. The base is almost done and then it will be on to the Wraithknight himself. Building the first Wraithknight was pretty fun and it made me want to build another one with a little more extra to it.. so far this one has been just was fun!

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