Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fan out,..

My Aleph models are almost complete. Last night I worked on detailing them a bit and got most of the little details out of the way. The models are very detailed but also very smaller compared to Games Workshop models. But that does mix it up and makes you paint a little differently.

I wanted the blues to really pop so I blended in multiple levels of color. I would apply a layer then mix in more white and apply another. Going all the way to almost white. I painted her face and tried to give it a good bit of details, eyes, lipstick and hair.

I added metal highlights as well, I wanted to keep them dark as you wouldn't want to stand out too much but since I when with the blue white colors I figured it didn't really matter and just wanted them to look cool.

They all need a little more shadow details as well as a good once over for missing details. All and all I think they are coming along looking pretty cool. I don't know when I'll be able to get in another game of Infinity but is cool that they are almost done. I do really want to paint the chick on the bike so she's getting closer. But I do have a ton of stuff going on and registration opens for Nova this weekend. I need to lock down what I'm going to play in and lock in a 3rd for the Trios.. WHoot.

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