Monday, August 11, 2014

Who likes vanilla icing..

 I was out of town this weekend so not a lot of exciting work was done. I spackled up all of the the boards that needed it and now I'll just have to sand them. Once that's done it will be painting time. I did add the structure on the sides of the steps, once I have it all painted up I'll add in the lights then add in pieces of card stock to block off some of the light. As you might notice the bottom left step is missing.. sadly when I was drilling the holes for the lights I went a bit too far and destroyed the grating on it. Thankfully I had originally thought I was going to need four on each side .. so I started to build up another...

 Here is the step cut and ready for spackle.. I'll probably pick up a spray can of bone primer so I don't have to use so much from the airbrush. then I'll go back in and detail with the airbrush. It should take too long to paint it up.
 I also stained the back of the cabinet door..
I need to put the magnets on the door and cabinet .. the ones I got are serious .. and I mean serious.. I can barely get them apart haha..  I need to add the corner molding and the handles then paint it as well. The cabinet will be black and then if I had time I'll paint on some designs..

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