Friday, August 1, 2014

Turn and bank..

 I didn't work too long last night, I'm waiting on the extra lights and a few other things I've ordered to come in so I screwed around with the Seer and Bike a bit. I wanted to figure out the Jetbike design so added the infinity symbol on it and start to detail it out some. I need to clean up some of the lines a bit but I'm liking it..
 The side shots of it.. I started on the gem but really didn't get much farther then painting the one red ..
 just added the red on the bikes as well.

 I wanted to prime the Seer to see how he looked but then forgot to smooth out the back as much as it needed .. sadly..
 He then had to be sanded and filed .. so sanded and filed. Was tired so wrapped it up there..  I also blended his sword but forgot to take any pictures.
And for you Greg... this is how the top deck will be trimmed to match the steps... 8)

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