Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tired yet?

 I know I am..  Last night I was on a mission and got a lot of stuff done, making a ton of progress and I'm actually feeling pretty good (as well as exhausted) about where I am now. I'm sure people are also tired of looking at the displayboards progress so this will be the last post of it till Nova and when it's completely done. One week from now I should be setting it up at Nova before the Trios event where the Eldar will be forced to team up with two if it's greatest enemies haha.. Evan is playing Crons and Ron will be playing his Nids. The craziest team up ever! This should be pretty fun and I can't wait to see all the crazy stuff that will be in there. With it being way more open in regards to what you can use there should be some crazy lists. One week..  wow..
 But anyway .. Here it is now. I got all the skirting sanded and painted. I blended it in and it needs a few touch ups but other then that the painting is done. I'm really happy with it right now. I love the way it's looking and the whole feel of it. I added the purple lights under the deck to see how it's going to look. Right now they are just laying on top of the cabinet but I'm also going to run a line mounted to the bottom of the deck to see which way makes it look more realistic. Well.. at least realistic in my mind haha.. Giant floating platforms that allow you to enter a sub dimension really isn't that realistic but the look can be I suppose haha
 The cabinet is also almost completely done. I added the handles on the side and hit it up with another coat of clear. I also got paint on all parts of the door that need it. I was applying it pretty thin so I'll have to add another layer to the blue and letters but I think it looks pretty solid. I was just going to go with two magnets at the top and it's pretty secure but I want to be safe so I'm going to attach two more to the bottom corners as well. I really don't want to hit a bump and have it shoot off haha..

 The lighting really worked out and I'm super happy with it. It's much bringer then the EL Wire lines I used last year which is pretty cool even if it took a ton more work to get it done.
Now I'm going to go over it with some light weathering powder and grime it up some. I'll most likely just be rubbing it in with my thumb so all the recesses will get some shading. Then it will be time for some flocking and leaves, I plan to have some overgrowth on it to show age and break it up from looking so clean and clear .. plus the Dar are space elves so they needs some schrubbery on there 8) ..

Task --- > Priority

Painting Door ---> Done
Clear Coat the Cabinet ---> Done
Mount the Handles ---> Done
Stencil Symbol on the back of the cabinet ---> Low

Attach the skirting on the DB ---> Done
Prime and paint the skirting and step blockers ---> Done
Drill, Mount and Glue the Magnets to the Vane ---> Done
Add the Subdeck Lights ---> Mid
Add the Subdeck Clouds ---> Mid
Add Subdeck Treetops (maybe) ---> Low
Add Flocking ---> High
Touch Ups ---> High

Details on Farseer and Bike ---> Mid
Farseer's Base ---> High
Prism Base ---> High
Revenant Details ---> Mid
Wraithknight Details ---> Low

Mini Displayboard for our leader ---> Mid

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