Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stellar Explosion

 Also known as a Super Nova..  well.. today is the last day before Nova 2014 and I'm done .. well almost but but I'm done enough to be able to finish up tonight with time to pack and sit down for a few minutes at least. I'm pretty happy with everything. I would of course would like to have more done but I can't complain.
 Ignore the toys in the background. 8) .. I might adjust the position of the mini's tomorrow but we'll see.
 I'n the Dark..

 The Revenant rocking it on the displayboard.
 I got him finished up but now I have to figure out how I'm going to transport him to Nova. I went to the comic shop looking for something to use but other then a box ... no luck..

I'll figure something out haha..

The Trios display is also done.. I added the Tombstones and some raised up earth for the graves..

The Farseer is also complete..  I have about 40 more Spiritstones to complete throughout the army. That's pretty much it. Modelwise at least. I need to print up my lists and get everything ready. And packing .. Well.. that's it. If you are going to Nova maybe I'll see you there!! ..

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