Friday, August 15, 2014

No hands required..

 I got some work done on the Farseer last night, he's getting pretty close to being done. All the base coats are done and some of the blending. The grey needs the most work but I need to finish up all the gems on him and the bike.. they are all in a state of being painted but they are all over the place.
 He's coming along ok and I think the colors make him stand out..  but as he's their leader if not the Warlord he should be a bit stand out 8) ..
 I ended up using some other blues to match up with his bike a bit and to also do something a little different. His colors still fit into my color scheme but it makes him look a little different. For me not having a completely uniform army makes painting Eldar fun.. Other then the Aspect Warriors they aren't a force of rank and file..  each person can kit themselves out however they like.
 I'm still not 100% happy with the Green Stuff work and I think I'm only going to lightly glue him to the bike so I can remove him and work a little more on it after Nova. The cloak is coming out nice paint wise but it will most likely be repainted after the repair. I also want to add a lapel to his right side .. you can see the one sticking out on his left but I only painted one on the right because of time.. I wanted to see how it looked being asymmetrical but I think it really needs another on his right. Not completely bothering me but it is some haha..

 So just a little more blending and he's all done up. I do have to magnet up his bike and the base but I'm also in the stage of getting that ready and matchy matchy with the other bases..  I was thinking of getting some of the Secret Weapon Temple bases but it wasn't in the budget at the moment..  no biggy 8) They can be added on later if I still want to..
I'm pretty happy with the bike and it really just needs the gems finished and I still will touch up the symbol black areas before it's done.

It's less then two weeks till Nova now .. time is quickly passing by and while most of my models are done I still have a lot to do on the display board.. Tomorrow I plan on getting serious on it..  It will be nice to have a large chunk of time to devote to it instead of a couple hours here and there. Makes it tougher to get it all done. But I think I should be in a good place as long as I get most of it done this weekend!

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