Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Change of Season..

Last night wasn't very exciting .. it was filled with much drudgery haha.. I needed to match up the bases of my Eldar to the new Displayboard. I've added some Green and Red/Orange foliage to the displayboard as well as some leaves. It gives it that little bit of extra detail I think it needed. I'll be posting up some of the final before Nova pictures tomorrow. Here is what I was doing .. when I took the picture it was the Dire Avengers turn in line. Glue, add foliage, glue, add leaf, add leaf, add leaf .. repeat that pattern for over an hour .. sheesh.. I don't know what I did with the picture but I also finished up the Prism and Seer's bases ..
 I was also hoping to get the tombstones glued down last night but that didn't happen ..I did get the border glued onto the Trios Displayboard though. Now it looks clean and respectable .. well .. for a large dirty square that it!
Tonight I'll mount the tombstones and add a little more grass. I also want to add a magnet to the tree so it will stick better. Sadly I can't find the smaller dowels I had lying around 8\. I'll figure something out.

So lets look at where I am..
Task --- > Priority

Painting Door ---> Done
Clear Coat the Cabinet ---> Done
Mount the Handles ---> Done
Stencil Symbol on the back of the cabinet --->Not Happening, I want to use it for other armies as well so thought of another way to handle this. But it won't be happening this year.

Attach the skirting on the DB ---> Done
Prime and paint the skirting and step blockers ---> Done
Drill, Mount and Glue the Magnets to the Vane ---> Done
Add the Subdeck Lights ---> Done
Add the Subdeck Clouds ---> Done
Add Subdeck Treetops (maybe) ---> Didn't look right so Done
Add Flocking ---> Done
Touch Ups ---> Done

Details on Farseer and Bike ---> Mid
Farseer's Base ---> Done
Prism Base ---> Done
Revenant Details ---> Mid
Wraithknight Details ---> Low

Mini Displayboard for our leader ---> HighAlmost Done

So, I'm almost done. Tonight and tomorrow night will be filled with getting all the touch ups on models and finishing the Trios Display. After that it will be printing lists and packing up. I have most of my mini's in their receptive trays and ready to go but I do have two issues. The Wraithknight and even more of a pain... the Revenant. I have no idea how I'm going to tote his butt down there. He's huge and is pretty fragile.. I'll be getting a bag from Nova this year since I signed up for the VIP but that doesn't help me getting him down there haha..

And speaking of the toting,  Sean and I were talking about the amount of stuff we'll be taking and it's insane. Hopefully he can score his SUV for this weekend so we have the room for it all. 

I have-
Army bag
Malifaux bag
Cloths bag

Cloths bag
Army (s) bag
His table and all the accompanying terrain.

We are probably going to pay the early check in free to store our stuff.. there is no way we want to carry all that stuff around. Thankfully the cabinet will hold most of my stuff so I'll only be pushing a big crazy cart around .. Whoo Hoo.. 

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