Monday, August 25, 2014

There's two kinds of people my friend..

Nova is fast approaching and as I've mentioned I'll be playing in the Trios. Our theme is a spoof off The Good The Bad the Ugly..  and in keeping with that theme we wanted a quick"ish" displayboard to tell the story so I whipped up this .. not done yet but I got a good bit done so far.. It matches the final scene of the movie where the three face off..  I didn't have the time to match the colors but the layout is pretty matchy matchy.. 8)

 It's made of masonite and cardstock. I made a 10" circle for the center and cut it out of the cardstock that would be on top.

 Thankfully I had made those cobble/flag stone plaster pieces up and used them as the center duel section.
 Closed off the sides and added some supports.

 Glued on the top and start adding some texture..
 I added a section for the tree and hope to Magnetize it before I leave... hopefully.. haha

 Here's a mock up with some tombstones I made up for Malifaux but made a bunch of the same things
 Here.. that will be glued down to show the graves..
I'll add on a little more grass and that will be it ..  well that and the border but that is already cut and just needs to be glued on...  It's coming together and hopefully I'll be done everything. I think I should be able to squeeze it all in ..  and then...  I have to play in it haha..  I keep feeling like I'll be done when Wednesday hits but Thursday starts the actual Tournament ..  haha.. sheeshh..

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