Monday, August 18, 2014

Never the easy path..

 The work on the displayboard continues but not without a huge bump in that road. I don't know what the issue has been lately but I can't stop getting sick. Saturday morning I woke up and after about 30mins my stomach started getting wild .. that turned into a whole day being completely wrecked. Wasting a whole day, thankfully Sunday I was a bit better if not exhausted. So I had a ton of work to try and get done..  I got a good bit done but no where near where I was hoping to be.
 The front of the cabinet needed to be made ready for the door so I glued on the side strips to cover the frame and fill in the gap of the door.
 I also added a bottom strip to act as a lip for the door. I'm hoping the door will be held secure by the lip and two magnets. These magnets are serious so I'll see.. if not I'll add two more on this side. I'll be adding a metal strip along the top edge of the door.

 The exciting process of boring out the magnet holds and then gluing the magnets in. Whoot..

 I glued the center glass in but sadly some of the silicon got on the matte which removed it. So I had to touch it up but it looks a little different and that is annoying me to no end. Sooo.. it may have to be redone. I'll probably try to touch it up some more first but if it doesn't look right I'll just re spray it.
 I got all the base painting done, there will be some more detail work done once I have the entire thing together. Once I know how it will sit when it is completely done I'll finish some of the shading of the lines.

 The lights are run for the steps but not placed yet. Tonight I'll be string them and hot glue them in place then add the blockers.
 Here are some of the pictures of what it's looking like now. The replacement step is in place.
 The center vane will be held in place by magnets but sadly I don't have the size I need (of course) so I ordered them this morning and they should be here by Thursday. Whoot... love last minute. But at least it won't hold anything else up so that is a bonus.

Last night before I crashed out I glued the base deck together, I need to glue the front section on and then I'll be ready to glue the skirting on the sides to close up the base deck. A little more then a week and I still have so much to do..  getting sick three times in two weeks has hurt... alot.

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