Tuesday, August 5, 2014

High Stepp'n

 The steps are on .. yah.. I finally feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to get them mostly done so I spackled then sanded and then painted to get them mostly done. They are glued on and in place so now I can figure out the other "wall" sections and what I'll be using to make the step structure look nice.. instead of it just being the two supports 8)
 I used the Gorilla Wood glue and this morning before I left for work I checked them and wow.. they are really on there! I was actually amazed at their strength. I'm not say that a good smack won't knock them loose but when I build up the other parts it should be crazy strong .. I hope at least.
 I'll be keeping the same paint scheme I went with last year,, going with the bone color with raw umber being used for the "veins". I masked up the center grates and when I'm done with paint I'll take the tape off. For now I'm leaving it on there for protection.
 Here they are ready to go on.. I used balsa wood for the supports which should be enough to hold them until I add the other parts. The design will be a bit tougher to figure out though. I want the light to be in specific parts and not in others, I also don't want to see the light wires at all so I have some Figur'n to do.

 I also started spackling some of the other pieces, they are done as much as they will be so it time to muck them up. Normally you want to be smooth when spackling but for this I like to make it rough so it will have irregularities, after sanding them it still has variance. That's why I use the spackle, I want it to look like its a grown and old structure, it will have weathered quite a bit in it's millennia of existence. Once the flat surfaces are done I'll hit up the edges.. the thin sections I'll probably skip it to avoid the lines being screwed up.
Its coming along, wish I was farther but I think it will at least be done and look the way I want it to...

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