Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The rumble of thunder..

I got some work done on the Fellblade ... I got a lot of chipping done on the main body and a little on the turret. I think it's a good start but it won't really start coming together until I add the grim and other streaking. I went with more of a metal base for the Superheavy as I felt it for use less ceramite and go with more of the heavy iron look. I'll also get to add some more rust and rust streaking. With that in mind I chipped the black a bit more but the bone definitely looks the worse for wear as the front and rear would take the most wear..
 Some areas still have a pretty high gloss as I'm working on those areas the most at the moment (the turret most of all). The turret is also just the base bone for the moment until I go back and start the blending and chipping of the black on the top.
 I added a vehicle number to the front and it will get some stream, spatter and some soot as it's right below the demo cannon.
 On the side without the ladder I added the Legion number .. I might go with the vehicle number on the back of the turret as well but I haven't fully decided.
 Also thinking on the barrels that will be mounted. I'm thinking of going with a heavy chipped red to add some more pop but I don't know if it would stand out a little too much. So many decisions but this thing is so damn big haha
I also did the rough base blends on the remaining 20 guys and I'm in the process of adding the steel color to the accessories. I'm hopping back and forth between them as I really want to get the infantry guys 100% done as they take the longest and I have more fun with the vehicles.

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