Thursday, June 1, 2017

Drive it like you stole it..

 Hey hey .. I made a good bit of progress on the first RG Rhino.. I just finished up the first bit of grime. I'll be going back and adding the details and some highlight areas before adding the final bit of weathering but I should be able to wrap that up tonight if I get table time.
 I'm going to be adding some soot to the stacks to skunk it up a little more as well as some fuel stains around the piping. I'll also be adding some colors of some type to the bolters.

 I'll probably add something to the front of it like the legion numbers or something. I know the lights will give it some extra interest but it's kind of looking plain to me. Still figuring out how that will work, what to add and where.. so far thinking the right "fender" top..
Tomorrow I'll be posting a three month count down with what I have painted so far and what still needs to be done. It's getting closer and I still have a lot to do.

On another note I finished up designing my Complex/Space Hulk sections and I'll be donating one to the guys that run the 30k event at NOVA so look to see it there.

I'm trying to setup a kill team game using it before Nova but we'll see. I sadly have a lot coming up .. painting the rest of my army, a display board and surgery coming up on the 26th which will knock me out for over a week. But .. after that I'll be full steam ahead if all goes well!  8)

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