Friday, June 2, 2017

NOVA Open 3 month countdown

 So it's basically 3 months till Nova and I'm trying to get all my ducks or in this case Raven Guard Space Marines in a row. Last year I took a very chill approach to Nova only working on stuff I wanted to put in the painting comp. This year I stupidly went the opposite route.. Aka painting up an entire 30k Raven Guard force. Before this year I never painted one RG marine but having watched some of the stuff going on at the 30k events last year it really got me excited for it.
 So I started looking at the Heresy Army books looking to find something that stood out. After a lot of debate I settled on Raven Guard and commenced ta buying the stuff I needed. Their fighting style seemed cool and I really wanted to go Flyer heavy although that was a punch to the nuts when I realized I had to build two of the FW flyers.
 I originally wanted to use some Termies and started painting up the Land Raider but then realized that wasn't really a Raven Guardy thing. So I had to revamp but having a LR done is good so finished it up. I have plenty of guys I can throw in there so always nice to have a ride if they need it. So far I have 10 Dark Fury complete and 10 Mor Deythan, 5 with Plasma and 5 with Sniper rifles. I also have 5 Seekers with Melta, a Apothecary and a Praetor or Centurion.. whatever.

 I love the way the Flyers look together and it does make me feel a bit better about putting the time in to build them haha.. I've had them painted up but needed to get the bases wrapped up. The bases came in the other day and I finished them up yesterday.
 I wanted them to look very beaten and weathered just like the rest of my Raven Guard.
 And I feel like they I got them to where I wanted them. They are rusted and busted as hell just like the RG force haha... I figured all the crap the RG went through their gear and vehicles would definitely have suffered. Plus I think it adds a lot of interest to the model other then being straight black. I wanted to go more realistic with the force so high contrast blends wouldn't have looked right.

 Death from above..
 Last night I was planning on finishing the Rhino completely but as I was working on it and had to let layers dry I switched over to the Tac and the flyer bases. I was working on them by hand but it really was taking a long time for just the Tac Squad... so I pulled out the airbrush and started to do the base blending. Now I will finish out the blending and start adding in the details.
 I added some soot to the stacks and cracks plus the addition of some muddy bits.

 The edge highlights and numbering are all that pretty much needs doing.

So... with that all being said I still have a bunch to do..  and while 3 months might seem like a good bit of time but sadly it really isn't. So here is a list of the stuff I need to get finished.

20 Tactical - 10 Are base blended and 10 are just primed.
10 Vets - These guys aren't really a must have done but I'd like to get them finished up to add some variety to my lists.
1 More Deimos - Sadly still in bits
1 Praetor
1 Corax - Partially primed
1 Imperial Knight - I want this guy done for the Big Blam and it will be nice to mix up the painting some!
1 Felblade - This is a very high maybe, I'd love to field it for the Big Blam as well but it all really depends on time.
1 Raven Guard display board. I have some pretty heavy ideas I want to incorporate but it will take me some serious time and my idea would require making a lot of plaster rock..  so .. this is probably the biggest maybe but all the biggest thing I'd actually like to do.Being all black my army wont pop as much so having a really cool display board would help!

So that's where I'm at..  I don't see myself having much time for the painting comp which I really like to enter even if it's not to win. But with my time constraints a brother has to do what a brother has to do.

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