Friday, June 23, 2017

Reinforcements have arrived..

Wow... it took longer then I was expecting but I got the rest of the Tactical and the Vets done..  Painting 20 dudes in batch was a lot .. so that brings us up to 20 Tactical and 10 Vets finished up.
 The first squad all wrapped up. For the time it took and the many steps to get them all done it really doesn't have that hit you in the face pop that my Eldar do. Not that there isn't as many steps involved.

Airbrush 4 shade blend from black, 60%, 40% and 20%
Black Oil Wash
Hand blend from white to 60% for the highlights
verdigris the bases
rust the bases with 3 colors of rust
grime up the models and base
finish up the eyes using 6 colors
so many levels of matte clear
final highlight
And that is just for the tacticals.. not the Vets that also have addition bits and what not.. All that and I look at them and I'm like .. yup.. they're black haha..  I do like them.. just wish they had a little more pop. I have a couple of add on ideas I might work on if I have the added time but I'm not really expecting that to be a thing .. so we'll see.
 The pictures aren't the best as I really didn't have much time to take them so I'll have to get some better shots at the 2 month count down.
 The second Tactical squad..

 And then the Vets.. I went with two flamers just for fun and gave the Sarge a plasma pistol and power fist.
 These guys had a ton of detail to them and it added some more time but I think they came out looking pretty cool. The Sarge needs a little more detail done to the blue glow but it looks ok for now. When I finish up all the other models that have the glow I'm going to go back and hit them all so I don't have to keep mixing up the colors ..

So that brings me up to 55 infantry troops...

20 Tacticals
10 Veterans
5 Support
10 Dark Fury
10 Mor Deythan

I do have a few more characters to knock out but thankfully it's all the bulk troops I need!! Whoots... I'm hoping to have the Fellblade done by the end of next week as well. I have a schedule I'm trying to stick to,.. hopefully I can keep on it.

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