Friday, June 9, 2017

Boots on ground...

 I finished up the first Tactical Squad which feels pretty good as I only have 10 more guys I HAVE to have done and 10 more I'd like to get done. I think they came out looking pretty solid and blend right in with rest of the force.
 I didn't realize it when I pulled 10 of the Tacticals out but there are a mix of two of the squads in there. To keep the squads separate I used similar but different bases. I also gave one squad some damage and on has all studded shoulders. Doesn't matter much really as I'll be painting the other ones as well but still haha..

 Here are a couple pictures in progress. The white highlight blends look harsh before I finish out the weathering. They need to be stronger then normal or the grime will wipe them out completely.
 You can also see the bases are in a rougher version. After I add multiple layers of rust I then start to mute the bases so they don't pop so much.
 Here they are after I started adding the grime. They still needed a couple of more coats to get them where I wanted them.
 I also added some of the highlights and the markings on the Rhino. I added the 19th marking to the front fender and..
 The vehicle number to the rear fender. I just picked a random number for the tank haha... as will it's brother. I like the look of the numbering and I'll be adding it to the super heavy and the Land Raider. It adds more realism to the tank which is their whole look so I think it's a win.
 I do need to do a little more streaking but I think the tank is pretty much done.
 I'm liking the look and I think when the whole force is done it will look nice.
I've never tried to painting an entire army in this short of time so it's pretty crazy but cool. Just got to keep on keeping on to get my butt ready for Nova !  8)

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