Monday, June 26, 2017

Super Heavy Metals..

 This weekend I got some solid work in on the Fellblade. I figured the weathering on this beast was going to take some time and that is an understatement haha.. The tracks got a heavy treatment and they are close to being done, I'll be going back and wiping away some areas but I wanted them to have that dark stained look.
 The enamels is still drying so it has a lot of sheen left, heavy application takes a while to cure. So far no soot added but I'll be adding that to the cannon barrels and rear stacks. I'll also be adding some leaked fuel stains.
 This is just the first layer of grime on the body, once it's actually dry and I can clear it I'll start on spot grime.
 I started the heat fatigue on the stacks but I'll be adding fuel stains and soot.
I also started on the fuel cans and I'm testing with red first. Right now its just a red blend with some chips but I won't get the full look until I have them all dirtied up and the brackets painted steel. They really stand out as they are so clean. If I can tone them down I think it might look good with the red. If not I'm probably going to go with a green. I want to add some color but I also don't want them to be the focal point of the tank haha..

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