Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Nova 2 Month Countdown

Normally I'd take a pic of everything done for the countdown but sadly I don't have the time today. Work is pretty busy and I'm getting ready to finally go in for surgery. So I'll be out of the mix for at least a week. But I did get some progress done on the Fellblade, I started to muck up the cans but they will need some rust... the tank might be made of ceramite but I doubt the fuel cans are..  they will also be getting a good bit of fuel leaking. 
 Still no soot action but that is getting close.. also the oil and rust streaking.
 Mucking brought the brightness down on the cans and I really like the way it looks on there now. When they are complete I think it should be a nice add.
 I started some of the heat fatigue on the main gun and the LAS.. They will be a little cleaner the the rest but will also get some soot.It's funny that it feels close to being done but there are so many small affects that need to be added that it really does need some work still haha
 I also made this guy up for a Praetor or Centurion .. I wanted to make up something cool to add to the force and I wasn't liking the look of the other models. I think he looks decent.
 So far it's just some of the basics but he should take too long to get wrapped up.

So.. what do I still need to get finished.

Fellblade -  80% done
Corax -  30% done
Praetor -  15% done
Drop Pod - 5% done (it's cleaned and filed)
Rhino -  5% done (cleaned and filed but the funny part is I started to build out my lists and I could never get the second rhino in)

Model wise that's pretty much it but two of the things aren't much done..  I was hoping to have the Fellblade completely done by July but it's close enough I guess.

Display board. .  now this is going to take some time I have some large plans that I hope I can actually get done. I ordered the lights and I need to start cranking out some rock scape stuffs..  plus finish the laser cut designs. As long as I have a full month to work on it I think I should be ok..

Right now I think I'm in pretty good shape but I guess we'll see.

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