Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The lure of the sky.. and anti grav... and bikes..

Like everyone else out there I'm looking at the new Dark Angel stuffs that will be here this weekend. And I'm actually liking most of it (except for the look of that land speeder thing) but I'm LOVEing that Nephilim fighter. It looks bad ass and shares a name with one of my favorite bands! So far in the games I've gotten in I'm really liked the fliers and have been thinking of what I want to do with a real flier list. It might be Dark Angels, when I was picking which Space Marine army I was going to use up back in the day it was between Blood and Dark Angels. At the time I wanted a CC army so went with Blood Angels. But now the Dark Angels are calling my name haha..

I'm not the flavor of the week guy so don't pick up what's the new and hot thing. And not thinking about doing it with these guys for any reason other then I'm like some of the new models a lot. I'm sure they will be tough and I'm sure there will be a ton out there but I already have a good bit of minis just sitting and waiting.

8 Bikes - 6 of which are Ravenwing
10 Termies - I have a bunch of DA bits from the Vet Packs I got for my Sang Priest Kit Bashes
1 Land Speeder (maybe 2 haha)
20 Tac Marines
5 Devs ( some built and some free bits with a good bit of plasma that I didn't use when building the Dusk Wolves )
Assorted other bits..  I'd just want to get
2 Fliers
1 New Biker pack and maybe a couple Attack Bikes..

It wouldn't be too much of a spending spree..  so that might happen.

The build would also be cool in other ways. My friend Scott has had a huge force of DA that is just sitting in their boxes. Some going all the way back to RT and 2nd. If I get a force of DA built and painted he'll have no choice but to play as he could just use mine to play or for point fill ins haha..

(The pic is from the old 2nd Ed Angels of Death codex I just quick splashed some color on it)

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