Friday, January 4, 2013

Come at me BRO!

First off I want to say Mephiston is a BEAST! I got in a game with my friend Sean as he's trying to get ready for a Tourney and wanted to test some 1850 lists. I was off (sort of if you count the fact I've been working on the room a ton and it's almost done thankfully) so we got in a afternoon game. I've been wanting to try out the Storm Raven now that it's a flyer and wanted to get Mephy on the table as well. Now that power swords are only AP3 he really got a bump in his already high status. I ran a Dusk Wolf  (my counts as Space Wolves without Psy or Wolves) with BA allies so I could get in both.

Battle Report

Took me awhile to get this typed up. haha .. always want to add some story to it but then ends up taking me forever.


  1. Your Battle Report is sealed by the Inq...I mean Google. You could have just said, "I fired at stuff to Mephiston was in range and went all medieval on Kharn's arse".

  2. HAha that is true 8). It should be unlocked now. I shared it but it looks like it didn't go public for some reason.