Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No Starfighters, no plan? One ship, you, me, and that's it?

Last night the Dark Angel stuff I order came in so I de sprued, sanded and cleaned. I still had some time and energy so I built the Nephilim and have to say it really looks slick. I still need to clean up some of the extra glue that seeped on a few parts but it's almost ready to prime and then break out the airbrush. Sadly I think I may have popped a seal on my Velocity so that may be out for repair. Not really sure what caused it but when I hit the air the pot will start to bubble. I seem to have bad luck with airbrushes, not sure if it's me or them haha.. my Talon clogs up something fierce. Even with the Comm Art which is crazy as I never have an issue in my Badge brushes. I typically have to sit there with a Q Tip with cleaner on it and have to clean the tip of the needle every few minutes.

I know a lot of people are ripping this thing for it's cost to abilities but it just looks so damn good. And hopefully it will come out looking just as good when painted. Not sure what color I'm going to go with for the Wings on the .... Wings 8)..  thinking of maybe going Green to stay with the DA colors. But Bone would also look good but I want it to stay dark, who knows. Just want to figure it out before I remove the mask from the wings and all. For the canopy I have a few ideas I want to try, I want to keep this thing dark as possible so it will be a form of blackout but don't know how it will turn out so I'll probably test it on something else first.


  1. "It'll be a slaughter!"

    "That's the spirit!"

    "No! OUR slaughter!"


    I'm right there with ya on the Nephilim. It's just way too cool looking not to have one! I like the idea of going with green for the wing detail, I'll tell ya doing the white on mine was a pain in the butt. Maybe a dark/blood red?

    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  2. Exactly! 8)

    I was thinking of red but I already paint so much red I didn't want to have more red to paint haha So I think it will be green of some hue. Last night I was exhausted and just fell asleep on the couch so no hobbying last night.

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