Friday, January 25, 2013

Lean Green Machine

Last night I worked on the Tact, he's pretty much done. I think I will give his gun a little more love but other then that I think he looks decent and it's pretty quickly done. I'm going to try and knock these guys out table quality and not try to go too far on them. The Tact guys are going to mainly be filler haha.. so TQ will be good enough. Sorry homies. But with just 3 colors and black wash they can be rolled though pretty quickly. Hopefully this weekend I can get around to building the new Termies that just came in. At least have them built so I can test out the list I made up. But I also need to get 2 Rhinos, Attack Bike and a Land Speeder done. Not to mention the rest of the bikers, and they are going to take a little longer as I want to pose them. So probably won't be done this weekend haha..

Greens Used were:
Caliban Green (Dark)
Snot Green (Mid) (Old colors)
Warpstone Green (High)
Black Ink Wash

They are all GW colors as I haven't gotten to the store that carries VMC lately. On the next guy I'll try to make up a Tut for them.

I also worked on the Deathwing a bit too. I'll be putting more time into these guys so I'm trying to find a look that I like.
So far I've been using VMA Sand for the body and have been playing around with washes of Chestnut Ink and Umber Ink. Some of the deep recesses got hit with black. After that I mixed some pale brown with the sand and started the clean up process. He's looking ok so far but still have a ton more to go til I'm happy with the look.

My black texture paint is mostly gone and dried up so I might be taking a trip to AC Moore to grab some more for basing. The bases will be a very dark deep wet forest look. The Tact needs a little static grass added and the base will be done. The static grass I have is light so I might have to pick up a dark green cut.


  1. Very cool - I like the red top plate on the backpack, that is a good look!

    The terminator is really coming along great as well, looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Indeed the terminator is cool, loving the excess of gold. Sorry if I've missed it but did you list your greens used in the tactical Marine. I'm really struggling with mine to the point where I'm not even starting because I don't have a set of greens I'm happy with.

  3. @ Mordian - Thanks, I added a little to brighten them up some. not sure if I'll do it on all of them but I'll probably add it in to a few different places.

    @ Dwez - Thanks .. I want them to standout as they are suppose to be the BAs of the Chapter. Nah I didn't list it before in that post but I just added it in. On the next guy I'll try to put together a quick tut on them.

    1. Cheers, must get out and get some more paints too ;)